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Committee Meeting Notices

​On January 15, 2019 the City Council adopted Municipal Order 2019-2 providing and directing subject matter jurisdiction to standing committees of the Versailles City Council. The subject matter jurisdiction for the six standing committees is as follows:

Administrative/Legal Committee - Matters pertaining to City officials; personnel policy; code of ethics; animals; building code; zoning ordinances; Human Rights Commission; public facilities; and all other matters dealing with internal city operations not assigned to another Committee

Communications/Tourism/Downtown – Matters pertaining to the official website of the City of Versailles; public notices and information sharing; the promotion of tourism; downtown development, vents and promotions; Big Spring Park; and all other matters dealing with communications, tourism and downtown issues not assigned to another committee.

Finance – Matters pertaining to city budget; financial matters; taxation; investment policies; utility franchises; business licensing; alcohol regulations; audits; and all other financial matters relating to city revenues and expenditures not assigned to another committee.

Public Safety – Matters pertaining to fire prevention; nuisances; police operations and property; fire operation and property; fireworks; crimes; punishments; 911 and dispatch operations; and all matters relating to police, fire and public safety issues not assigned to another committee.

Street/Stormwater/Cemetery – Matters pertaining to traffic rules; parking schedules; parades; streets and sidewalks; downtown; storm water collections systems; public rights of way; rules of operations of city-owned cemeteries as well as cemetery property and improvements; and all matters relating to street and stormwater infrastructure not assigned to another committee.

Water & Sanitary Sewer – Matters pertaining to water and sanitary sewer infrastructure; the adjustment of utility bills; garbage collection; utility operations; impact fee program; and all matters relating to water and sanitary sewer not assigned to another committee.

Beginning September 4, 2018, all Notices (including Agenda) will be posted below for the six standing committees:


Committee Meeting Notices
2022-12-01 Building Standards & Downtown Development Ad-Hoc Committee
2022-11-30 Code Enforcement Board
2022-11-18 Downtown Revitalization Ad-Hoc Committee
2022-11-15 Water Sewer Committee
2022-11-03 Building Standards & Downtown Development Ad-Hoc Committee
2022-10-18 Water Sewer Committee
2022-09-22 Building Standards & Downtown Development Ad-Hoc Committee
2022-09-06 Water Sewer Committee
2022-08-31 Downtown Revitalization Sub-Committee
2022-08-31 911 Board
2022-08-30 Building Standards & Downtown Development Ad-Hoc Committee
2022-08-16 Water Sewer Committee
2022-08-16 Code Enforcement Board
2022-08-15 Code Enforcement Board
2022-08-08 Building Standards & Downtown Development Ad-Hoc Committee
2022-07-19 Water Sewer Committee
2022-07-13 Building Standards & Downtown Development Ad-Hoc Committee
2022-07-05 Water Sewer Committee
2022-06-07 Water Sewer Committee
2022-06-06 Building Standards & Downtown Development Ad-Hoc Committee
2022-05-11 Code Enforcement Board
2022-05-09 Building Standards & Downtown Development Ad-Hoc Committee
2022-04-28 911 Board
2022-04-25 Downtown Revitalization Sub-Committee
2022-04-19 Building Standards & Downtown Development Ad Hoc Committee
2022-04-04 Building Standards & Downtown Development Ad Hoc Committee
2022-03-15 Water Sewer Committee
2022-03-08 Code Enforcement Board
2022-03-01 Water Sewer Committee
2022-02-28 Building Standards & Downtown Development Ad Hoc Committee
2022-02-24 Entertainment Recreation Evaluation Committee
2022-02-18 Entertainment Recreation Evaluation Committee
2022-02-15 Water Sewer Committee
2022-02-03 Downtown Revitalization Sub-Committee
2022-01-24 Building Standards & Downtown Development Ad Hoc Committee
2022-01-19 Downtown Revitalization Sub-Committee
2022-01-18 Water Sewer Committee
2022-01-10 Building Standards & Downtown Development Ad Hoc Committee
2021-12-20 Building Standards Ad-Hoc Committee
2021-12-07 Water Sewer Committee
2021-12-02 Downtown Revitalization Sub-Committee
2021-11-22 Building Standards Ad Hoc Committee
2021-11-12 911 Board
2021-11-04 Building Standards & Downtown Development Ad Hoc Committee
2021-10-29 Building Standards & Downtown Development Ad Hoc Committee
2021-10-04 Code Enforcement Board
2021-09-16 Entertainment Recreation Evaluation Committee
2021-09-16 Code Enforcement Board
2021-09-15 Communication Tourism Downtown Committee
2021-08-17 Public Safety Committee
2021-08-16 VERA (Small Business) Review Panel
2021-08-05 VERA (Small Business) Review Panel
2021-08-05 VERA (Non-Profit) Review Panel
2021-08-04 Downtown Revitalization Sub-Committee
2021-07-15 Wayfinding Sub-Committee
2021-07-15 Code Enforcement Board
2021-07-06 Water Sewer Committee
2021-06-09 Wayfinding Sub-Committee
2021-05-27 Entertainment Recreation Evaluation Committee
2021-05-24 Code Enforcement Board
2021-05-20 Entertainment Recreation Eval Committee
2021-05-17 Wayfinding Sub-Committee
2021-05-11 Water Sewer Committee
2021-05-10 Code Enforcement Board
2021-05-03 Code Enforcement Board
2021-04-30 911 Board
2021-04-27 Wayfinding Sub-Committee
2021-04-21 Code Enforcement Board
2021-04-07 Code Enforcement Board
2021-04-06 Water Sewer Committee
2021-03-29 Code Enforcement Board
2021-03-25 Downtown Revitalization Sub-Committee
2021-03-22 Code Enforcement Board
2021-03-17 Code Enforcement Board
2021-03-16 Water Sewer Committee
2021-03-11 Downtown Revitalization Sub-Committee
2021-03-03 Code Enforcement Board
2021-03-02 Water Sewer Committee
2021-02-25 Downtown Revitalization Sub-Committee
2021-02-17 Code Enforcement Board
2021-02-16 Water Sewer Committee
2021-02-04 Downtown Revitalization Sub-Committee
2021-01-28 911 Board
2021-01-27 Street Stormwater Cemetery Committee
2021-01-20 Code Enforcement Board
2021-01-12 Downtown Revitalization Sub-Committee
2020-12-16 Code Enforcement Board
2020-12-15 Street Stormwater Cemetery Committee
2020-12-14 Water Sewer Committee
2020-12-01 Public Safety Committee
2020-11-18 Code Enforcement Board
2020-11-13 911 Board
2020-11-10 Code Enforcement Board
2020-11-03 Water Sewer Committee
2020-10-28 Finance Committee
2020-10-21 Code Enforcement Board
2020-10-15 Finance Committee
2020-10-06 Water Sewer Committee
2020-10-06 Finance Committee
2020-10-05 Code Enforcement Board
2020-09-17 Code Enforcement Board
2020-09-10 911 Board
2020-09-08 Finance Committee
2020-08-27 911 Board
2020-08-25 Wayfinding Sub-Committee
2020-08-19 Code Enforcement Board
2020-08-06 Wayfinding Sub-Committee
2020-07-28 Finance Committee
2020-07-21 Water Sewer Committee
2020-07-21 Code Enforcement Board
2020-07-20 VERA Panel
2020-07-09 VERA Panel
2020-06-24 Code Enforcement Board
2020-06-16 Finance Committee
2020-05-13 Public Safety Committee
2020-04-21 Finance Committee
2020-02-18 Water Sewer Committee
2020-02-06 Logo Branding Committee
2020-02-05 Wayfinding Subcommittee
2020-02-04 Public Safety Committee
2020-02-04 Finance Committee
2020-01-23 Street Stormwater Cemetery Committee
2020-01-15 Walkability Sub-Committee
2020-01-15 Code Enforcement Board
2019-12-17 Water Sewer Committee
2019-12-03 Admin Legal Committee
2019-11-21 Water Sewer Committee
2019-11-13 Walkability Sub-Committee
2019-11-05 Water Sewer Committee
2019-11-05 Street Stormwater Cemetery Committee
2019-10-29 Wayfinding Sub-Committee
2019-10-16 Walkability Sub-Committee
2019-10-11 Admin Legal Committee
2019-10-01 Water Sewer Committee
2019-10-01 Public Safety Committee
2019-10-01 Pavilion Sub-Committee
2019-09-17 Street Stormwater Cemetery Committee
2019-09-17 Finance Committee
2019-09-16 Water Sewer Committee
2019-08-28 Wayfinding Sub-Committee
2019-08-14 Walkability Sub-Committee
2019-08-06 Water Sewer Committee
2019-07-16 Water Sewer Committee
2019-07-16 Finance Committee
2019-07-02 Street Stormwater Cemetery Committee
2019-06-28 Lexington Road Sub-Committee
2019-06-12 Walkability Sub-Committee
2019-05-22 Wayfinding Sub-Committee
2019-05-21 Street Stormwater Cemetery Committee
2019-05-21 Admin Legal Committee
2019-05-16 Wayfinding Sub-Committee
2019-05-16 Water Sewer Committee
2019-05-09 Lexington Road Sub-Committee
2019-05-08 Walkability Sub-Committee
2019-05-07 Water Sewer Committee
2019-04-24 Pavilion Sub-Committee
2019-04-18 Wayfinding Sub-Committee
2019-04-10 Walkability Sub-Committee
2019-03-29 Admin Legal Committee
2019-03-28 Pavilion Sub-Committee
2019-03-19 Pavilion Sub-Committee
2019-03-11 Street Stormwater Cemetery Committee
2019-03-05 Public Safety Committee
2019-03-05 Finance Committee
2019-02-22 Communications TOurism Downtown Committee
2019-02-22 Admin Legal Committee
2019-02-19 Water Sewer Committee
2019-02-19 Public Safety Committee
2019-02-12 Admin Legal Committee
2019-02-05 Water Sewer Committee
2019-02-05 Communications Downtown Tourism Committee
2018-11-20 Water Sewer Committee
2018-09-25 Street Stormwater Committee
2018-09-25 Admin Legal Committee