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Committee Meeting Notices

The City of Versailles has six standing committees of the Council, each of which are composed of three Council members. The committees and their subject matter jurisdiction are listed below:
1. Administrative/Legal Committee: matters pertaining to City officials; personnel policy; code of ethics; animals; building code; zoning ordinances; Human Rights Commission; public facilities; and all other matters dealing with internal city operations not assigned to another Committee
2. Cemetery Committee: matters pertaining to rules and operations of city-owned cemeteries as well as cemetery property and improvements
3. Finance Committee: matters pertaining to city budget; financial matters; taxation; investment policies; utility franchises; business licensing; alcohol regulations; audits; and all other matters relating to city revenues and expenditures not assigned to another committee
4. Police/Fire Committee: matters pertaining to fire prevention; nuisances; police operations and property; fire operation and property; fireworks; crimes; punishments; and all matters relating to police and fire issues not assigned to another committee
5. Street/Stormwater Committee: matters pertaining to traffic rules; parking schedules; parades; streets and sidewalks; downtown; storm water collection systems; public rights of way; and all matters relating to street and stormwater infrastructure not assigned to another committee
6. Water/Sanitary Sewer Committee: matters pertaining to water and sanitary sewer infrastructure; the adjustment of utility bills; garbage collection; utility operations; impact fee program; and all matters relating to water and sanitary sewer not assigned to another committee

Beginning September 5, 2018, Standing Committee Notices, which include the Agenda, are listed below:


 Committee Meeting Notices (Agendas)

2018-09-25 Admin Legal Committee.pdf
9/14/2018 3:29 PM
2018-09-25 Street Stormwater Committee.pdf
9/14/2018 3:29 PM
​All standing committees meet on an as needed basis. If you have any further questions, please contact Assistant City Clerk Elizabeth Reynolds at or 859-873-5436 x129 or City Clerk Allison White at or 859-873-5436 x123.